After years of experience in fashion and luxury industry Global System Srl is on the market with a B.I. Division to offer data analysis solutions based on Microsoft Power B.I. and QlickSense technology.

Models have reduced setting time, basic analysis that cover the main business areas, with high quality content, can be found in the standard one due to years of confrontation with our customers during the development phase.

Data has a value when they can be read in different ways to obtain quick and clear informations in order to make strategic decisions.


Habits of your customer portfolio are essential to undertake the correct marketing stunt. Loyalty, recurring transaction, spending capacity are key factors for ABC classification. After the management has acquired knowledge about customer portfolio is advantageous to predict future habits in relation with the market trends.


  • Period (season, year, month, day)

  • Customer, turnover

  • Budget and Target

  • Latency

  • Geographical customers analysis

  • Annual and seasonal profit margins analysis

  • Agents performances 

  • Orders trens VS last season

  • Top Seller

  • Shipped Vs ordered

  • Cluster: Profit margins division between customers and products

  • Flow analysis in wholesale area, ordered good/turnover

  • Dashboard periodical progress


Sales channels analysis allows to support promptly the decision making process, with the goal to maximize performances of every store. There are comparative analysis between the same type of stores or in different areas. Lastly, Analysis of some accurate performances indicators allows to set a mark-down strategy with the right timing.


  • Profitability analysis

  • Sell-Through

  • Discount analysis

  • Price range analysis

  • Store entrances and conversion rate analysis

  • Daily Sales Report

  • Store Performance Report (with indicators for geographical area)

  • Heat maps (in different time slots)

  • Fidelity analysis and customer's map

  • App Mobile


In addition to easy access via the web from the desktop, Power BI is also available as a mobile application thanks to the native Apps for Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. On this platform you can always have your data available, wherever you are, through a simplified visualization of the analysis tools.


  • Daily sales

  • Weekly sales

  • Monthly sales

  • Annual sales


For those involved in finance, the objective is to identify information needed for financial planning at the company level, budgeting and forecasting, with self-service analysis, reporting, dash-boarding and analytical functions.


  • Profit & Loss analysis

  • Cash Flow

  • Overhead and staff costs

  • Debits and credits analysis

  • DSO

  • ABC analysis

  • Financial report

  • Budgeting and financial Planning 

  • Bank balance

  • Key Performance Indicators

Companies with many suppliers and high annual expenditure need indicators for their performances. These indicators can be calculated through rating relaiability and performances with parameters like delivery time, fulfilment of the conditions and others.



  • Purchases raw materials and finished goods trends and performances

  • Comparisons between value of purchased goods in this year VS the previous one

  • Suppliers performances, purchases goods flow analysis

  • Supplier efficency in delivery

  • Suppliers residual orders

  • Cluster: suppliers partition in turnover groups

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Analysis in warehouse model link stock processes and business demands. The overall view on stocks data allows to easily detect products in over-stock or orders to be increased.


  • Stock flows analysis

  • Stock loads and unloads

  • Turnover rate analysis

  • Inventory stock,  overstock and understock analysis

  • Inventory stock by date

  • Inventory stock day by day

  • Cross-Analysis (relation between consumer products and inventory stock)

  • Products database


Analysis in GDO/production model provide informations to production area stakeholders in order to improve their performances and profitabily. We propose the implementation of an orders reporting sistem, starting from the Engineer to Order phase, to obtain an industrial profitability calculation. Abnormal trends sometimes are hard to display with a simple GANTT exam, they can be easily monitored in case of big projects with various activities.


  • Planned value, cost estimation, actual cost, cost variance, earned value

  • Operating cash flow 

  • Delivery

  • Manufacturing costs, timesheet

  • Final costs reporting, proceeds reporting, inefficency reporting

  • Over/under billing orders. budget variance

  • Operational reporting, control reporting, analytical reporting

  • Strategy, project and financial management

Analysis for small supermarkets and large-scale retail chain are complex and diversified. Innovative heatmaps can be examined by the Marketing Manager to compare accesses in variable time slots.


  • Receipt bands transaction analysis

  • Receipt details

  • Store perfomances

  • Customers synthetic profile

  • Customers multy category analysis

  • Sales per time slots

  • Shop analysis and mothods of payment

  • Customer analysis

  • Customer promotion analysis

  • Discount coupon redeemer, points and gifts analysis

  • Market segmentation

  • Department analysis


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Global System was founded in 1996 due to the love for Business Intelligence, information technology and new developments by the company's founder.

The company is based in Cernobbio (CO) and has a skilled team of 20 Employees.

Team expertise varies in many different Sectors and Markets.

We collaborate with many big names in the various industries, from the commerce to distribution and even food retail sector. 

Leaders in the luxury, fashion and accessories sector have certified us and are using our systems on a national level.



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